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Written by George Owen

Seven Resourcing launch undergraduate programme, UGrad+

Seven Resourcing is proud to announce it has launched one of the UK’s only undergraduate courses in recruitment after achieving ‘certified training centre’ status. UGrad+ is a crucial part of Seven’s ambitious growth strategy and will provide wonderful career opportunities for young people across East Anglia.


What is UGrad+?

UGrad+ is an undergraduate course designed to give young people the perfect opportunity to learn at degree-level while earning postgraduate pay. With world-class training, awesome perks and unmatched earning potential, this is recruitment’s most exciting opportunity for college/sixth-form leavers.

Why ‘UGrad+’?

The programme is called UGrad+ because it’s an undergraduate programme that offers more value than traditional further education. The ‘+’ symbolizes the nurture and development aspect of the course, with students benefiting from additional support, including life skills, mental health training and advanced social development.

University isn’t for everyone, and recruitment is a career that’s rarely recommended by schools and colleges for people in this demographic. We found this strange, because the earning potential, learning opportunities and work-life balance in recruitment outperform almost any industry, including the ones you need a degree for.

UGrad+ will change this mentality forever. Now, young people can earn life-changing money and achieve a university-level education, all while working in the industry’s most supportive, inclusive, and exciting working environment.

The recruitment sector is often criticised for having high staff turnover, poor career progression, and consequently, poor customer service. With UGrad+, Seven is reversing that stigma. Now, we can nurture and develop genuine recruitment experts with experience in every area of the industry, creating an unparalleled, 360° experience for our customers.


How does UGrad+ work?

UGrad+ is a five-year course for students who wish to become Recruitment Consultants. Students who would prefer a career in sales support (marketing, HR, finance etc.), can do so after two years – receiving comprehensive training to ensure they become an expert in their chosen field.

  • Year 1: Introducing Recruitment – Level 2 Award
  • Year 2: Choose Your Career or continue UGrad+ journey
  • Year 3: Recruitment Practice – REC Level 3 Certificate
  • Year 4: Recruitment Management – Level 4 Diploma
  • Year 5: Recruitment Leadership – Level 5 Diploma

After finishing the UGrad+ course, undergraduates will receive a graduation ceremony and automatically gain full consultancy status within one of Seven’s core sectors.

What are the benefits of UGrad+?

For undergraduates, UGrad+ offers the ultimate opportunity to gain a university-level education and a fantastic salary while working for a multi-award-winning, global brand. For those who don’t fancy going to university and can’t imagine life as a tradesman, recruitment is the perfect answer to achieving your career goals.

For Seven’s candidates and clients, whether you’re looking for talented staff or your dream role, UGrad+ means that everyone you encounter at Seven will be a true expert in their field, always providing you with first-class support.

For Seven Resourcing, UGrad+ will allow us to achieve our ambitious growth objectives without dropping standards. With a constant flow of talented, highly trained recruitment experts, we can offer a level of customer experience that’s currently unseen in recruitment. UGrad+ also allows young people in our local community to embark on a career they can be proud of, without bouncing from job to job.


After winning three Investing In Talent Awards in 2021, including ‘Best Workplace Environment’, ‘Best Recruitment Company To Work For’ and ‘Most Effective Pay and Benefits Strategy’, the UGrad+ programme adds another crucial layer in Seven’s already unmatched staff development strategy.

If you would like to learn more about careers at Seven Resourcing, including UGrad+, please visit our internal careers website: www.workatseven.com