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  • Faultless Compliance
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What Is SafeGuard?

With clients & candidates often being left frustrated by competitor’s slow compliance systems, we saw an opportunity to innovate, and instead of persevering with unreliable paper-based compliance, we built SafeGuard.

SafeGuard is an exclusive digital system that allows candidates to upload all of their compliance documents on one effortless platform, allowing Seven’s expert back-office team to instantly approve and safely store everything employers need in a matter of seconds. Clients benefit from full transparency as they can view candidate documents and track the entire compliance process on any device, anywhere at any time.

Start Working Without Delays

SafeGuard offers blissful convenience when the time comes for you to submit your compliance documents. Instead of posting files and sending them at a cost, you can upload all of the important paperwork at lightning speed, online, at a time and place that suits you best. At Seven, we can get you working and earning faster than any other agency.

Find Staff Faster Than Ever

Waiting for staff to start because your agency hasn’t received all the relevant documents can be a pain. Not with Seven. SafeGuard automatically chases, reminds and uploads documents to guarantee your new hire is qualified, experienced and available to start exactly when you need them. Rest easy knowing that your staff will always be covered, as the technology also notifies us when documents expire, allowing us to renew them seamlessly.