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Written by George Owen

The General Election 2019: What Does it Mean for Your Industry?

The General Election 2019: What Does it Mean for Your Industry?

The 2019 General Election is around the corner and we want to know what it means for the industries our wonderful candidates and clients represent.

In the weeks leading up to the vote, we’ll be cutting through the noise and pushing past the Brexit headlines to delve deep into each party’s manifesto. We’ll tell you exactly what the main parties are saying about your sector, including the spending pledges and policies that affect the way you work and live.

Each week, we’ll focus on a different industry, starting with Healthcare & Nursing then moving on to Education, Social Care, Criminal Justice, Animal Health, and Life Sciences. We hope this will give you valuable insight into the future of your field, what might lay ahead, and whether it will affect how you vote.

A quick disclaimer: Seven is not affiliated with any political party. All we’re going to present is party pledges as they are laid out in each manifesto. No agenda, just the facts and figures that matter so you can make up your own mind!

So, what can we expect from the upcoming manifestos? Here’s a quick snapshot of what the papers are saying so far:

Healthcare & Nursing

  • Conservatives – £13bn towards 40 new hospitals.
  • Labour – Cheaper drugs via a newly formed state pharmaceutical company. 50% more trainee GPs.
  • Lib Dems – Extra funding for the NHS via income tax increases. Improve mental health waiting times.
  • Plaid – Drive to recruit 1,000 extra doctors and 5,000 extra nurses.
  • Greens – Set price caps on drugs via a new agency.
  • Brexit Party – Move towards a privatised NHS.


  • Conservatives – Investment into academies as well as sixth-form and technical education colleges.
  • Labour – Scrap tuition fees and Ofsted. Set up a new National Education Service.
  • Lib Dems – Triple funding for disadvantaged pupils. Funding for teacher pay raises and training.
  • Plaid – A boost for Welsh language education. Free nursery for three-year-olds.
  • Greens – Scrap SATs and Ofsted. Provide skills-based learning for pupils aged 14+.
  • Brexit Party – Scrap interest on student loans. Bring back grammar schools. 

Social Care 

  • Conservatives – New Health Infrastructure Plan to look at social care.
  • Labour – £6bn towards a new National Care Service.
  • Lib Dems – Reduced costs for elderly in social care.
  • Plaid – Introduce Carer’s Contracts.
  • Greens – Scrap the Health and Social Care Act 2012 in favour of a new policy.
  • Brexit Party – See healthcare.

Criminal Justice 

  • Conservatives – New tough attitude to law and order with longer jail terms for certain offenders. 20,000 more police officers.
  • Labour – 20,000 more police officers. More border guards. Work to retain Human Rights Act.
  • Lib Dems – Increased spending on policing. Increased aid and sanctuary for refugees.
  • Plaid – Repeal cuts to legal aid. Overhaul Welsh justice system.
  • Greens – Increase local police stations.
  • Brexit Party – Roll back state interference.

We look forward to seeing the full manifestos soon so we can explore all of the juicy facts and how they impact our clients and candidates. Stay tuned!